Wulftec Automatic Rotary Arm WRTA-150 Stretch Wrapper

Wulftec Automatic Rotary Arm WRTA-150

Stretch Wrapper

The WRTA-150 model, an automatic rotary tower is the ideal stretch wrapping solution for your unique needs. The WRTA-150 is ideal for wrapping very light, very heavy, tall or unstable loads. Since loads are wrapped right on the floor, the WRTA-150 has no weight limit. This rotary arm stretch wrapper can wrap 50 loads an hour.

Wulftec offers the best warranty in the industry:

  • 4-year unlimited cycle warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers
  • 10-years on the steel structure and ring gear

Capabilities & Features

50 loads per hour

Unlimited Load Weight

Maximum load size of: 56" L x 56" W x 80" H

Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC

20" NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage

Heavy duty 25" ring gear with pinion gear drive

1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive

0-12 RPM variable speed

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