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Cohesive Packaging Solutions

Cold seal packaging. Self-seal adhesive. Cohesive packaging. They are all one-in-the-same. Quickly improve your packaging efficiencies with fast, self-adhering Cohesive Packaging solutions. This innovative packaging requires minimal training and can be accomplished by hand or with automated systems.

An excellent option for shipping e-Commerce goods or packaging small parcel parts for shipment or storage, cohesive packaging seals only to itself. Easily protect your product by simply pressing the materials together.

This cost-effective solution can help eliminate void fill, different sized boxes, mailers, and more. Discover how cohesive packaging solutions offer a versatile and durable packaging alternative.

Cohesive Packaging

Cohesive Packaging Materials

Cohesive Materials

All you need to create complete packages quickly and efficiently is simple pressure. Cohesive materials can be sealed by hand or automated equipment depending on your requirements.

Cohesive Packaging Automation

Cohesive Automation

Eliminate the carry a wide array of boxes, envelopes, mailers, or bags with an automated system. Easily create packages on demand for a wide variety of products with cohesive packaging.

Cohesive Mailer Boxes

Cohesive Mailer Box

Send your product in three easy steps. 1.  Place your product on the mailer box. 2. Fold it in half. 3 Press and Seal. You’re done and the product is ready to be labeled and shipped.

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