Korrvu® Packaging

Showcase your product, while still offering maximum protection.

Sealed Air’s Korrvu® packaging secures your product safely in the center of the packaging, protecting it from shock and vibration during transit.

Retention Korrvu

Korrvu® Retention

Korrvu® Retention showcases your product and provides blocking and bracing protection, all at an affordable price.

Korrvu Select

Korrvu® Select

Korrvu® Select comes in eight standard sizes, providing you protection and maximum versatility at the same time.

Korrvu Lok

Korrvu® Lok

Korrvu® Lok compression packaging is a patented solution for shipping products when presentation and customer experience are key.

Suspension Korrvu

Korrvu® Suspension

Provides valuable or fragile products with unparalleled product protection throughout the shipping cycle-even after repeated drops.

Korrvu Intercept Anti-Corrosion

Korrvu® Intercept Technology™

Korrvu® anti-corrosion packaging with Intercept Technology reacts and bonds with corrosive gases, creating a neutralized atmosphere that protects your product without off-gas

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