Service & Support

Service & Support

It’s time we change how we look at maintenance.

For too long maintenance programs have reacted to problems with a quick fix to get production back up and running. Downtime costs you in both dollars and lost productivity, so don’t be reactive. It’s time to take action, prevent avoidable problems and keep your peace of mind.

We’re taking service to the next level. Our Comprehensive Care combines preventative maintenance with key performance indicators and facility review. Our certified technicians will find the root of the problem to prevent it from occurring again. We will perform a thorough inspection of your equipment, processes & facility; providing a detailed analysis of identified issues and recommendations to help keep your production line moving.

How our Comprehensive Care can improve productivity:

  • Consistent pre-scheduled visits (weekly or monthly) to your facility by a certified technician
  • 3 hours of care a month*
  • Thorough equipment evaluations to help find problems before they occur helping eliminate possible downtime
  • Increase operator knowledge with advanced training from our certified technicians
  • Optimize facility & production efficiency

Equipment Care Plan - Comprehensive Care 5

*Preferred customer rates apply to additional repairs
Let us help you keep your equipment up and running with our Prevent Care. Receive monthly equipment and process evaluations from our certified technicians.

Our Prevent Care plan provides:

  • Monthly certified technician or specialist appointments (1 hour) at your facility
  • Equipment evaluations and detailed analysis of any issues and recommendations
  • Decrease waste by improving processes
  • Increase operator knowledge with helpful hints from our certified technicians
  • No surprise costs – complete pricing provided upfront on all repair quotes*

5 Packaging Prevent Care

*Preferred customer rates apply to additional repairs
If you are looking for coverage on an as-needed basis, we offer full warranty and post-warranty support for almost all makes and models with our Essential Coverage.

Essential Coverage includes:

  • Full warranty and post-warranty support
  • Individual equipment preventative maintenance agreements
  • Individual equipment preventative maintenance agreements
  • Installs & Reinstallations
  • Training

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